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Dec 17, 2012 12:00am EST
budget since then. i will look carefully what he says about the city broadband. we are working very hard to make sure all the plants are on track to deliver the superfast brought than that is important for cities and rural areas. >> a serious threat proposed to democracy. the police have stated there is evidence of loyalist involvement. i take this opportunity to condemn this assault on democracy. will he agree to meet with me to discuss the security situation? >> i join her in condemning the violence we have seen. in no way are the people being loyal or standing up for britishness. by linda is unjustified. i agree completely. we should pay tribute again to the work the police to all of our behalf. i am always happy to eet and talk. >> will my honorable friends join me in congratulating my two young entrepreneurs who have taken the initiative? does the prime minister agree this is just the sort of
Dec 16, 2012 9:00pm EST
, belgrade, bucharest. all of these famous cities and the population around them lying in rubble -- lie under the soviet sphere. >> why did you want to talk about this? >> i was inspired in my first spoke -- book, and while this is in no way a sequel it represents thoughts i had. one thing i got interested in is the question why no people went along with it. what is the mentality? what are institutional pressures? why do camp guard do what they are told to do? i decided to write about this period right after world war ii, because it was a time the soviet union had reached a height, there was an apotheosis of stalinism. it was reinforced by the experience of the war. by 1945, it was a fully developed system with an economic theory and a clear ideology, and it was at this moment the red army marched into central europe and began imposing that system on the central european states, so you can see how from scratch -- what did the soviets think their system was? what did they think was important, and how did they try to carry it out? >> where did they get to right to march into eastern europ
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2